Saturday, September 6, 2008


So I haven't written due to the fact that nothing has happened. Same old stuff, different day. But recently alot of things have been happening. Lets start with Post housing. This is our first duty station that we have lived on post, we weren't really excited at first, but grew to like it due to the fact that it is close to everything on post. Well, now we have a leak in our down stairs celling. It is caused by a broken pipe, but can I tell that to the maintnance workers that have been here three times already?? NO. They have to follow protocal and rule out everything else first. I know there are steps you have to follow but when you know it's something serious, like a celling caving in or something, shouldn't a person be a little more worried?? Obviously not. Well tomorrow will be trip number four for the maintance man I plan to give him a little piece of my mind.

The second thing that has been happening is that my co-worker (who is 58) is completely! obsessed with the sex offender website. I mean it is a persons's duty to know their surroundings but to call people and scare the daylights out of them by telling them they have like 20 sex offenders living in their neighborhood is a little much. As for myself I have been on line and have seen who lives around here to educate myself and be prepared, but I also moved on. Not her, she sits there and calls everybody she knows saying to watch out you might get mugged the nest time you walk out your door!!! PLEASE LADY GIVE IT A BREAK!!

The third is this whole private thing again. My husbands solders are a real treat this cycle. He has had anywhere from people complaining about camping in the woods to what they eat. I understand if you don't like camping, I am not a HUGE fan of it either but when you sign up for the military you kinda have to assume that you will be sleeping out under the stars at some point. RIGHT??? anyway, also with the meals, you aren't at home, your momma isn't going to make you dinner, you get what you get and be happy with it. Don't complain that the food is cold all the time, be thankful your eating period!!

I think that covers all my rantings for now. I have to go change out the bowl in the bathroom because it is getting full from the leaking celling. Have a great week everybody and if your reading this and your in the path of Hurricane Ike, I am sending a prayer up for you!