Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So it has been a VERY long time since I have blogged...so let me catch you up to speed.
We have moved from South Carolina to Ft. Campbell here in KY. My husband is done with the trail and I do have to say that while it seemed like we were there for 10 years...I kinda wish we were back there. My man left for our 4th deployment recently and both girls have started school!!!! EEEEKK I am getting old. We have a new puppy to our house Patriot and he is a monster :) A peek-a-poo with a bichon frise mixed in. TERROR!!!! Although I have never wanted to dress an animal more that I have wanted to with him. (did that make sense..OK no more wine) AHHHH while my hubby is deployed I am staying busy by coaching Cheer leading and Flag Football. Yes that wasn't a typo I am coaching Flag Football with my wonderful friend!! We are going to have a blast!!!!! Well I don't know much else to say and sorry it's so choppy and un-refined but I think I've had 1 glass too many of my favorite blackberry wine. Off to bed with me. More later now that I am lonely :)