Saturday, September 6, 2008


So I haven't written due to the fact that nothing has happened. Same old stuff, different day. But recently alot of things have been happening. Lets start with Post housing. This is our first duty station that we have lived on post, we weren't really excited at first, but grew to like it due to the fact that it is close to everything on post. Well, now we have a leak in our down stairs celling. It is caused by a broken pipe, but can I tell that to the maintnance workers that have been here three times already?? NO. They have to follow protocal and rule out everything else first. I know there are steps you have to follow but when you know it's something serious, like a celling caving in or something, shouldn't a person be a little more worried?? Obviously not. Well tomorrow will be trip number four for the maintance man I plan to give him a little piece of my mind.

The second thing that has been happening is that my co-worker (who is 58) is completely! obsessed with the sex offender website. I mean it is a persons's duty to know their surroundings but to call people and scare the daylights out of them by telling them they have like 20 sex offenders living in their neighborhood is a little much. As for myself I have been on line and have seen who lives around here to educate myself and be prepared, but I also moved on. Not her, she sits there and calls everybody she knows saying to watch out you might get mugged the nest time you walk out your door!!! PLEASE LADY GIVE IT A BREAK!!

The third is this whole private thing again. My husbands solders are a real treat this cycle. He has had anywhere from people complaining about camping in the woods to what they eat. I understand if you don't like camping, I am not a HUGE fan of it either but when you sign up for the military you kinda have to assume that you will be sleeping out under the stars at some point. RIGHT??? anyway, also with the meals, you aren't at home, your momma isn't going to make you dinner, you get what you get and be happy with it. Don't complain that the food is cold all the time, be thankful your eating period!!

I think that covers all my rantings for now. I have to go change out the bowl in the bathroom because it is getting full from the leaking celling. Have a great week everybody and if your reading this and your in the path of Hurricane Ike, I am sending a prayer up for you!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time Flies!!

So lately life had just been mundane. Not much going on and not much to tell. Well my husband is in full swing of his cycle and recently there has been much going on! Let me fill you in on Basic Training screw ups!!

**Names have been changed to protect the stupid**

Private Ryan** is really allergic to ants; and where I live there are LOTS of them. So Private Ryan has an epi-pen that he has used all to frequently during the course of the cycle. moring the troops were doing P.T. (Physical Training) and Private Ryan sat down in the middle of an ant hill. Here is how the conversation went between my husband and Private ryan..(curse words have been edited)

Private Ryan: "Drill Sergeant, I just got bit by an ant I need to use my pen"
Husband: " Go ahead soldier, do what you need to do"
P.R.: " Yes Drill Sergeant"
H : " I need to let the First Sgt. know so I'll be right back"
P.R. : "40 rounds Drill Sergeant"

My husband goes and lets the 1st Sgt. know that Private Ryan is using his epi-pen and to call the medics because he'll have to go to the hospital and get checked out and issued another pen. Upon returning to Private Ryan my husband notices that a crowd has gathered around him; my husband starts thinking that Private Ryan had went into shock or had passed out or had stopped breathing so he runs over to see what the matter is. When he gets there he notices that Privat Ryan is fully alert and talking to everybody

H : "Private did you use your epi-pen"
P.R. : "Yes Drill Sgt. but in stead of putting it in my thigh I missed and it is in my thumb"
P.R. : " Drill Sgt. I was shaking so bad because I could feel the ant poision in my body that I missed.
H: (rolling eyes)
P.R. "Drill Sgt. I don't think that my epi-pen is working."
H. "UM yeah. you just put it in your expect it to work as fast as it would if you put it in your leg???
P.R. "yes becasuse blood goes thru my thumb also"

My husband was speachless for the first time in his life. He had nothing else to say to Private Ryan except "report to me after you get back from Urgent Care."

There are some strange characters that come thru post during basic. They are from all walks of life and each has their own reason for joining, but the one particular story my husband recently told me takes the cake.
It was at the beginning of the cycle and he asked some of the soldiers why they joined the military. He got the usual, "because my dad/grandpa/uncle/brother/cousin/whoever was in the military and it is family tradition", the unusual "I was sitting on my couch getting fat and the only way I thought I could lose weight was to join the military", and the strange " I was dared to join by my buddies, I won the $200!", but the one that stood out the most was this one " I joined so I could be like Rambo, ya know go to the jungle and hide out and then kill people." My husband said " ok Rambo but did you know that we fight a war now in the desert??" what he said next I will put my hand on a stack of Bibles and swear to...."so where am I supposed to hide?"
Some peoples kids. There is more but I'll leave that to another blog. So TTFN and tune in for another saga of "what privates say"

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So as I sit here at work and listen to the hum of my computer I am doing everything in my power to stay awake on this boring day. It is nice outside and I can't wait to get out there with my girls and play. Positives...Hasn't been a hectic day, minimal stress, husband is on cycle break, girls didn't fight with each other this morning, good lunch, and dinner is almost a reality. Negatives...didn't make the bed hubby will be mad, my pink eye just won't go away, I am tired from being busy at work all week and seceretly wishing it was Friday, My nosy co-worker knows everything about me including if one of my relatives came over on the Mayflower, did I mention I was tired, probably because I am staying up at night thinking my husband is going to die from sleep apnia, and I am sharing my bed with one of my daughters that LOVE to sprawl out and my cat who has to sleep ON me. Other than that I am trying to keep myself awake while I count down the minutes till my release from my cubical so I can have visitation with my family untill I have to come back to my cell in the morning.

Monday, April 7, 2008


So this weekend was a complete bust! My husband came home from school on Wednesday and I was so excited to have him home.. But then he had to go straight to work and stay in the field untill Friday which he didn't get home till 10:30PM. Then he had to work this whole weekend. On one hand I was mad..I wanted to spend time with him..on the other..I re arranged the girls's rooms and got ALOT of cleaning done! I feel so accomplished. As far as any mishaps, my youngest did write all over our flat screen TV with a crayon..I managed to get that off *WHEW* (if any of you see my husband you didn't hear ANYTHING!!) Pretty much is was a bust weekend..nothing to do and nothing happened..OH well. At least they have graduation this Friday so he will be on cycle break for a month. I guess I get that to look forward to.

On another subject I am REALLY on this baby fix. I know I have two beautiful girls and I am honored to be their mom but I really want another one...All my friends and some of my co workers are preggo and I want to be again so bad. One problem I made a decision about a year ago to have a Tubal Ligation..I was a spur of the moment decision that I regret. Maybe this will pass but I have been wanting another baby for some time now...Maybe I'll get it reversed...Who knows..OH MAN I am rambling..not good..OK well I can't think of anything else productive to say so I'm gone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a weekend

Yes I know it's wednesday but I am still going to write about my weekend. SO first off my husband isn't home because he is at school in GA for the month; and this weekend wasn't that great for playing outside, so I decided to take the girls to Chuck E. Cheese. HA. It wasn't as bad as I thought when I pulled up and saw that there were no parking spots, I thought ok maybe nobody carpools and there were only 2 people per car. OH was I ever wrong. I walked through the door and I was immediatly hit with the smell of pizza, sweat and BO, NEVER a good combination. So after my fight with about 10 different children, it was because I took to long on the helicopter ride, we left with our prized for a wonderful relaxing afternoon. As I drove on post I noticed a car on the side of the road with their doors open and trunk popped. I saw that it was a little old lady. I stopped and asked if there was anything I could help her with and she said no that she was fine. She did lean into my car and say" can I tell you a secret" I thought "OH Boy" what secret could this woman possibly have...she said "you know I just HATE it when the squirell's tear up my bird feeder so I catch them and then come on post and realese them." O.K. she said " don't tell anyone" I said "it's ok ma'am my lips are sealed" I never laughed so hard when I got back into the car. So now when ever I get down I just think of this little old woman on the side of the road smuggling squirells on post.

Monday, March 31, 2008

On your mark...get set...*BANG*...

Ok so here I go as a blogger!! WHOO HOOO!! As you can probably tell I am an Army wife and a mother of two beautiful girls. One is 5 and the other is 2 1/2. I will tell you more about them as time goes on but I just wanted to start with a little history. My husband and I met at My best friends (at the time) wedding in April of '01. I was the maid of Honor and it just so happens he was the best man; and his girlfriend was a bridesmaid! He left for Kosovo in May and six months later I met him as he was comming home; Nov. 12 2001 at 2am to be exact..HAHA.. We dated and were married on Dec. 28 2001. I know, I know you are probably all thinking OH MY! what a short was but I knew he was the one..and it will be our 7 year this year~YEA US! Like I mentioned earlier we have two beautiful girls Anastasia and Ariana.
Ana is our princess, and Ariana is going to be a future UFC Champion. We have a cat named Hercules, and we used to have a chinchilla named Duke..but he moved on...
I know there are lots of bloggers out there who are military wives also and I am not here to see who's better than who. I also know that sometimes you just need to put it out there to keep yourself in check and make sure you are not going crazy, and sometimes you just have to tell a story because it's too good to keep to yourself. So Welcome everybody to my life as a drill sergeants wife!!