Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a weekend

Yes I know it's wednesday but I am still going to write about my weekend. SO first off my husband isn't home because he is at school in GA for the month; and this weekend wasn't that great for playing outside, so I decided to take the girls to Chuck E. Cheese. HA. It wasn't as bad as I thought when I pulled up and saw that there were no parking spots, I thought ok maybe nobody carpools and there were only 2 people per car. OH was I ever wrong. I walked through the door and I was immediatly hit with the smell of pizza, sweat and BO, NEVER a good combination. So after my fight with about 10 different children, it was because I took to long on the helicopter ride, we left with our prized for a wonderful relaxing afternoon. As I drove on post I noticed a car on the side of the road with their doors open and trunk popped. I saw that it was a little old lady. I stopped and asked if there was anything I could help her with and she said no that she was fine. She did lean into my car and say" can I tell you a secret" I thought "OH Boy" what secret could this woman possibly have...she said "you know I just HATE it when the squirell's tear up my bird feeder so I catch them and then come on post and realese them." O.K. she said " don't tell anyone" I said "it's ok ma'am my lips are sealed" I never laughed so hard when I got back into the car. So now when ever I get down I just think of this little old woman on the side of the road smuggling squirells on post.

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Tipp said...

Welcome to blogging!

I am a former army wife as well. I am not one anymore though because quite frankly I am not strong enough for the job.

Happy blogging!