Monday, April 7, 2008


So this weekend was a complete bust! My husband came home from school on Wednesday and I was so excited to have him home.. But then he had to go straight to work and stay in the field untill Friday which he didn't get home till 10:30PM. Then he had to work this whole weekend. On one hand I was mad..I wanted to spend time with him..on the other..I re arranged the girls's rooms and got ALOT of cleaning done! I feel so accomplished. As far as any mishaps, my youngest did write all over our flat screen TV with a crayon..I managed to get that off *WHEW* (if any of you see my husband you didn't hear ANYTHING!!) Pretty much is was a bust weekend..nothing to do and nothing happened..OH well. At least they have graduation this Friday so he will be on cycle break for a month. I guess I get that to look forward to.

On another subject I am REALLY on this baby fix. I know I have two beautiful girls and I am honored to be their mom but I really want another one...All my friends and some of my co workers are preggo and I want to be again so bad. One problem I made a decision about a year ago to have a Tubal Ligation..I was a spur of the moment decision that I regret. Maybe this will pass but I have been wanting another baby for some time now...Maybe I'll get it reversed...Who knows..OH MAN I am rambling..not good..OK well I can't think of anything else productive to say so I'm gone!

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