Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She TOTALLY missed the bus!!

Good afternoon everyone!! Let me set the scene for you. I have this nice job. I am not required to do any heavy work, just sit at a computer answer the phone, make calls to check on clients, package up stuff when needed and resupply the shelves when they get bare. It can be mentally exhausting, because if anyone knows the customer service industry; it isn't pretty. Also we have tons of clients in the New York and New Jersey area, so I pretty much get attitude all day long. There are only four of us that work in our office. Jeffery our COO, Ivory our service Tech and customer support person, Me sales associate, and Derry (female) our accountant. Some of you may have heard me talk about my co worker. I know I have mentioned her in previous posts, but in this one I am going to get detailed. For starters I don't ride with her ANYWHERE. She has almost killed me three times. Once we went over the median on a bridge, trying to turn at a green light, she was turning left and she was looking right. The second and third times just happen to be the same scenario, she was looking at the plants and the Canadian geese and she wasn't paying attention and almost put us in the lake that is at our complex. I was also tired of her taking the back way to different restaurants just so she could fine a hooker and point out her "horrible" outfit. She makes off the wall comments and will interrupt your conversation for some of her psycho-babble. All of us in the office kinda feel sorry for her sometimes, but most of it she brings on herself. Well lets take yesterday afternoon for example. She had gone on the lunch run because Ivory is on vacation this week. So we; Jeffery, Derry, and I; are all sitting in the lunch room talking about the whole pirate situation that happened. Well then we got started on the Navy, because Jeffery was in the navy for awhile he was enlightening us on stuff that goes on. Well as Jeffery and I were talking, Derry interrupted us, as usual and asked this question:
"Does the navy go overseas?" as in does the navy have oversea deployments.
My boss and I just looked at each other in shock. We couldn't believe what had just been said. Needless to say we asked her "are you serious?" and of course she was. We explained to her that Navy bases are all located along the coast line, so they can be near a body of water, for the boats. I felt like I was explaining this to my (almost) 6 year old daughter. CRAZY!!! OH and I have to let you know since most of you are Army wives. Last summer we were talking about life on post and people in the military, she asked if we knew who the Gay and Lesbian people were. "Like how do you know, do they have to say something? Are they treated different? Do you separate them from everybody else?" Yes we put them all in Kansas and have the Navy boats bring them food and water!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kitchen FUBAR

Ok so since my earlier post about my kitchen screw ups things have been getting worse. Kudos to you Amanda for getting me hooked on those cake balls and then making me believe that I could actually make them myself..HA. You need to come back and visit Tiffany or Lori just for the simple fact, if anything else to make me some cake balls. I tried. I messed up once thinking I totally made a cheap mistake for using Half & Half instead of heavy whipping cream, so I started again and I got the same result. A pathetic looking vomit ball.

They might look disgusting, but actually they still taste really good.

Second we attempted to make rice krispy treats. I know you all are saying that HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU SCREW UP RICE KRISPY TREATS??? Well, just leave it to my posessed kitchen. Matt put the marshmallows in the pot and started stiring. Well it wasn't cooking fast enough so he turned it on high. Needless to say that our house smelt like a HUGE campfire...with a bag of burnt marshmallows. We decided that the left over marshmallow was a burnt sacrafice to the kitchen gods and hopefully we can move on and have decent luck in the kitchen from now on. Here is what 40 LARGE marshmallows can be burnt down to...a hard peanut brittle like blob..

So thanks to AMY!!!! we got us some mini marshmallows and made a wonderful batch of rice krispy treats. WOO HOO!!!

OH I and in lue of the Easter holiday might I add that my husband came thru and made another batch of eggs for us to color!!! HOW AWESOME!!! So after drivind ALL day from Florida in crappy traffic, we got home in time to color eggs. Also here are some pics from Easter sunday wich I had a total blast at, even though Matt fell alseep during the sermon...(rolling eyes) I wonder if they have a sunday school for the people who are 12 years old mentally... :)

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitchen Encounters

OK so I try and pride myself with being a very good baker. I am not by any means a great cook but my children and husband are still alive and food isn't thrown at the walls. I can make some mean brownies, cheese cakes, pies, cookies...bad food. Cooking a casserole with green beans and salad and whatever...yeah..we might have some problems. So it may not come as a complete surprise to most of you to say that, did you know that you can actually BURN eggs while you are attempting to hard boil them? It's true!! They get all nice and brown on the outside just like a marshmallow over the campfire..except your house doesn't smell like s'mores, it smells like burnt eggs. This whole thing started because Hubby and I were going to color Easter eggs for the girls since we will be picking them up tomorrow, and we won't be home until late afternoon. So I was hard boiling them to get them ready, obviously. Well then my "hippie" side kicked in and I was off doing something else, making lunch for hubby, answering the door and it was Tiffany, going back upstairs to talk to hubby some more before he fell asleep again, and then falling asleep next to him. Yeah....I woke up to the smell of something burning..thought the candle I had left burning had caught something on fire..never once, till I got downstairs, did I ever think it was the eggs. So yeah there was no more water in the bottom of the pan and my eggs were brown. There goes Easter!!!! Thank you to whoever invented the plastic eggs!!!!!! Good thing this holiday isn't centered around the eggs because my children would never forgive me. I know my hubby will never let me live it down though.
Tiffany...Wasn't it just last night that I told you I was going to give you some eggs to use for the fear of them hatching in the fridge?? yeah well sorry to say they are definitely NOT going to hatch. WHEW dodged a bullet with that one!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


OK. So we have this customer that is visiting us from Korea; and supposedly he was going to take us out to lunch today. Well I am the only one that has a big enough vehicle to hold everyone. Well I was supposed to clean it out last night but due to my love for alcohol and good company, I decided to skip cleaning the van and stay up until the witching hour at Tiffany's house drinking. So I wake up late this morning due to the fact that I was sleep deprived, and decided that I was going to vacuum out my van before work. I get to the car wash and find out that I only have 3 quarters and it takes of course 4 to start the stupid thing. So i dig and dig and yeah nothing, so I "borrow" money from the "fund" and cash in 3 dollars. I get going and come to find out there is a GROSS amount of unidentifiable objects in my car. I have no clue what they were, I can't even begin to describe them to you, all i know is that they were brown and round and I KNOW with every fiber in me that is NOT how they started out. I have something sticky in my back cup holder, it isn't soda and it isn't candy..I have not clue what it is, and the FUNK odor that is emanating from the bellows of my van is NOT making me very happy. I am tackling that tonight....maybe..... OK so I finally get my van vacuumed out and clean and get to work ON TIME!!!!!! After getting asked if I was single, and for the first time in my LIFE having to PROVE my union to my husband with something OTHER than my ring, he is leaving before lunch to go to his "appointment" at the Micro-tel. At least I have a clean van now...Matt should be impressed. There fore I rewarded myself with a nice glazed doughnut from Dunkin Doughnuts :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So it's a new year and I was thinking about last year. It was very crazy and hectic. I love my life for the most part. I don't have any new stories for you as far as matt being a Drill Sgt. I would however like to tell you that we now have a dog and we are looking for a new home for him....hahahha just kidding...He has tore up almost everything at knee level in my house except for the couch...hummm I think I better go home for lunch today and make sure we all still have a place to sit.

Lets see some randomeness....
1. I am really interested to see what Obama will do as president
2. I am really excited that the Steelers won the Super Bowl
3. I need to get better at this blogging thing

Thats about all the randomness I can think of for now..more later!!!!