Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitchen Encounters

OK so I try and pride myself with being a very good baker. I am not by any means a great cook but my children and husband are still alive and food isn't thrown at the walls. I can make some mean brownies, cheese cakes, pies, cookies...bad food. Cooking a casserole with green beans and salad and whatever...yeah..we might have some problems. So it may not come as a complete surprise to most of you to say that, did you know that you can actually BURN eggs while you are attempting to hard boil them? It's true!! They get all nice and brown on the outside just like a marshmallow over the campfire..except your house doesn't smell like s'mores, it smells like burnt eggs. This whole thing started because Hubby and I were going to color Easter eggs for the girls since we will be picking them up tomorrow, and we won't be home until late afternoon. So I was hard boiling them to get them ready, obviously. Well then my "hippie" side kicked in and I was off doing something else, making lunch for hubby, answering the door and it was Tiffany, going back upstairs to talk to hubby some more before he fell asleep again, and then falling asleep next to him. Yeah....I woke up to the smell of something burning..thought the candle I had left burning had caught something on fire..never once, till I got downstairs, did I ever think it was the eggs. So yeah there was no more water in the bottom of the pan and my eggs were brown. There goes Easter!!!! Thank you to whoever invented the plastic eggs!!!!!! Good thing this holiday isn't centered around the eggs because my children would never forgive me. I know my hubby will never let me live it down though.
Tiffany...Wasn't it just last night that I told you I was going to give you some eggs to use for the fear of them hatching in the fridge?? yeah well sorry to say they are definitely NOT going to hatch. WHEW dodged a bullet with that one!!


Lori Myers said...

HAHAHAHA.... It never occurred to me that you could actually burn a hard-boiled egg. I'm sure it will take awhile to live that one down. Here... I'll make you feel better with my worst cooking experience. Cream of Asperigus soup... only I accidentally made it with French Vanilla Creamer! Yeah... not so yum! 10 years later my husband still teases me! :o)

Busy Mama said...

Sorry to throw off your chi by "coming over"..geesh! LOL!