Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kitchen FUBAR

Ok so since my earlier post about my kitchen screw ups things have been getting worse. Kudos to you Amanda for getting me hooked on those cake balls and then making me believe that I could actually make them myself..HA. You need to come back and visit Tiffany or Lori just for the simple fact, if anything else to make me some cake balls. I tried. I messed up once thinking I totally made a cheap mistake for using Half & Half instead of heavy whipping cream, so I started again and I got the same result. A pathetic looking vomit ball.

They might look disgusting, but actually they still taste really good.

Second we attempted to make rice krispy treats. I know you all are saying that HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU SCREW UP RICE KRISPY TREATS??? Well, just leave it to my posessed kitchen. Matt put the marshmallows in the pot and started stiring. Well it wasn't cooking fast enough so he turned it on high. Needless to say that our house smelt like a HUGE campfire...with a bag of burnt marshmallows. We decided that the left over marshmallow was a burnt sacrafice to the kitchen gods and hopefully we can move on and have decent luck in the kitchen from now on. Here is what 40 LARGE marshmallows can be burnt down to...a hard peanut brittle like blob..

So thanks to AMY!!!! we got us some mini marshmallows and made a wonderful batch of rice krispy treats. WOO HOO!!!

OH I and in lue of the Easter holiday might I add that my husband came thru and made another batch of eggs for us to color!!! HOW AWESOME!!! So after drivind ALL day from Florida in crappy traffic, we got home in time to color eggs. Also here are some pics from Easter sunday wich I had a total blast at, even though Matt fell alseep during the sermon...(rolling eyes) I wonder if they have a sunday school for the people who are 12 years old mentally... :)

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter.


Jill said...

I'm laughing along with your kitchen screw ups...we have all been there.
Love the pictures of the family.
Love you!

Lori Myers said...

Oh thank God! I'm not the only moron who cannot make cake balls. I think Amanda got us hooked and then failed to tell us exactly how to do it. She laughed all the way to Alabama! "Bwa ha ha!" We just need to get her fuzzy butt back here to make some more... and teach us how! Haha!
Cute pictures of kiddos!

Money Saving Army Family said...

I would LOVE to get my fuzzy but back there JUST to bring you cake bites lol! If you want a more detailed explanation of how to make them head over to She has some detailed tutorials over there. I was wondering about the cream? I think that might have been your problem right there, I've never used cream. It's just cake, frosting, and dipping chocolate or almond bark. That's alright though, especially if they tasted good! You just came up with a new recipe!